RMS Prequalification

In September 2014, Ditchfield Contracting was awarded pre-qualification by Transport for NSW – formerly the RMS. Our pre-qualification is R4, B2, F100.

FSC Accreditation – Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner

Ditchfield has been successful in meeting the requirements of the Australian Government Building
and Construction WHS Accreditation Scheme and is FSC approved.

Integrated Management System

A number of strategic initiatives aimed at improving our service delivery to our Clients have been implemented; the most notable being the certification of our Integrated Management System.

Our IMS is Third Party Certified by QMS to Management Systems Standards:

ISO9001 (Quality Management) View the certificate
ISO14001 (Environmental Management) View the certificate
ISO45001 (OH&S Management) View the certificate

Continued resourcing and investment into our management systems ensures this certification provides our Clients with further confidence in our ability to delivery projects to the highest industry standards.

Safety Management

At Ditchfield Contracting we take our responsibility for the wellbeing of all our employees, contractors, visitors, Clients and members of the community very seriously.

In our aim to continually improve and reiterate our safety message, we have implemented the Ditchfield Integrated Management System (IMS) which incorporates a range of policies, procedures, plans, standards and implementation tools ensuring that all feasible measures are taken to manage safety in our organisational activities.

We have also implemented a web-based induction, contractor management and incident reporting system to ensure all employees, contractors and visitors work in accordance with the company’s desire to achieve zero injury, zero accident and zero statutory breaches in the workplace.

This online system allows Ditchfield the flexibility to update courses, interactively manage personnel and relevant contractor documentation as well as the management of incident reporting, investigation and corrective action processes to deliver vital information to stakeholders and ensure that there is adequate flexibility in the Ditchfield IMS to cater for any changes in procedures, processes and legislative requirements.

Environmental Management

“We recognise the importance of maintaining and enhancing the quality and sustainability of the environment and have put in place responsible and achievable environmental management strategies to minimise the impact of our business activities.”

A detailed environmental policy applies to all of our projects, sites and related activities. Across the business, we strive to conduct our activities in a well-planned manner that aims to minimise environmental impacts at every stage of work and drives continual improvement through effective management practices.

Ditchfield achieves this by adhering to a range of policies, procedures, plans, standards and implementation tools focusing on sustainability, waste management, emissions, energy use, community management and consumption of materials.

The framework promotes a culture of environmental awareness among all personnel to achieve aligned environmental outcomes and build a strong environmental ethos.

Quality Management

“Our Quality system isn’t a wordy manual written in QA jargon. It’s a logical, user friendly guide using the language of our business to best drive us towards improved performance, good disciplines and risk management.”

Our integrated system allows our business activities to be managed by a common control system for document access, version control, review and improvement. It’s a formal version of good habits and procedures so that all our employees understand how to apply policies and procedures in their day to day activities. It gives us the ability to change as our business changes.

We are committed to enhancing our Client’s expectations and satisfaction through the provision of quality, cost effective services and products in all aspects of our work.

Policy Statements

The Ditchfield Integrated Management System (IMS) requires the participation and support of all personnel within the organisation to achieve desired outcomes and goals of the IMS. Strong commitment and leadership from senior management is essential in achieving these outcomes. To articulate senior management commitment, direction and leadership, Ditchfield have developed and documented formal Policy Statements. These Policy Statements define Ditchfield’s intent, principles, objectives and commitment, and can be accessed below.

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